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Pictures from Les Temps Des Roulettes by Jeanne Bayou


This is my very first Blog Party~~ I am so excited!! I don't know what to expect, but I sure am looking forward to being part. I so want to see what you all have done and hope to make some new friends too!! Thank you so much Sharon from Plumrose Lane for inviting me to this event, and a special thank you to the hostess for having this party!

I think I have always had a Gypsy Spirit. My favorite thing to do as a child was to take adventures in the woods. I so enjoyed being close to nature and being mezmerized by what I considered the unusual ... Jack in the Pulpit plants, wild mushrooms, and the general atmosphere of being alone with just a natural setting surrounding me. The feeling of moss beneath my bare feet felt inviting and soft. I loved bringing blankets and pillows, comic books, snacks and a flashlight into the woods near my home. My thoughts turned to the fairy, wood nymph and forest elf stories my mother would tell me. I could even smell the earthy aroma beneath me and felt a part of creation. 

I would pick Lily of the Valley and Violets to bring home to my mother. She would place them in an antique emerald green perfume bottle with sterling silver swirls to display their beauty.  Below is a picture of one that is similar.  My mother gave it to me and it is adorable! The larger one (not mine) shown below just sold for $3,000 can you believe that?  Amazing huh? 

I have my mother's handkerchief with violets and lily of the valley

No matter where there were woods or little secret out of the way nooks, I searched them out. I dreamed of traveling to far away places, meeting new people and finding other charming treasures, and fantacized about living an enchanted life.

When I was a little girl about the age of five or six, I was a Gypsy for Halloween. Somewhere I have a picture of myself all dressed up in a costume with bright colors, a laced bodice, full gathered skirt and a bright lemon yellow satin ruffled short sleeved peasant blouse. My vest had fancy soutache scrolling and I just loved it. I wore a colorful scarf Gypsy-style on my head and lots of makeup. I also donned some of my mother's glitzy jewelry, and carried a purse over my shoulder with rows of dangling beads, too cute!! I also wore large hoop earrings, and a scarf worn around my waist with a fringe.

My girlfriend Annette was dressed as a Clown and I can't remember what her twin sister was? Anyway. I really didn't know what a Gypsy was at that age, but in my little girl mind, I thought I looked pretty spiffy and mysterious! I remember feeling adventurous and magical in this outfit and I wanted to take my shoes off, but it was October in NY!!!

My father and mother said I was always well behaved, but supposedly I was very quick, and if they turned their heads, I would be gone in a flash! I always have loved life to the fullest!  Parents were very different when I was growing up (I'm 65)... they said things parents today would never say!! So, if my Mom was concerned I was doing something that would be dangerous for me, she would tell me if I did that again, she would sell me to the "Gypsies". YIKES!!! I really had never even seen a Gypsy.. or knew what that meant, I only knew I didn't want to leave my parents and my sister. LOL!

At just about that time in my life I saw a show on TV where there was a shady character type older man who was a Gypsy and he kept young children in captivity and turned them into thieves. So my opinion of wanting to be anything like a Gypsy was not particularly appealing. Over the years I would hear comments such as .. "he/she lives like the Gypsies" or ... if my closet got a bit messy the comment would be, "do you want to live like the Gypsies"? 

The only thing I remember is a Gypsy family who lived within walking distance of my Grandparents home. Within that community they had an organ grinder who owned a tiny monkey who wore a cute little suit and played teeny brass cymbals.. He would dance and perform and then tip his little tin cup for money. He was so adorable, and I just loved him. One time my father gave me coins to put in his hat and the monkey grabbed my coins scaring me, and then he bit me. He only grazed the surface of my skin, but it was enough to cause me to be cautious of anything that had to do with Gypsy's after that time! LOL

It wasn't until I became older and had a very large Gypsy family on one of my flights (I was an airline stewardess for United Airlines)... that my opinion changed. I had a ball on that flight!! What a warm, loving community of people who were full of life and fun loving. I also realized my own life of being a stewardess suited me, and was a bit Gypsy-like. I loved seeing new places, and discovering new things. So, I felt the Gypsy lifestyle would agree with me. After that Cher made the song "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves"  famous and I loved that song so much... what a great beat.

Just about the same time, I saw a picture and there was a Gypsy woman dancing before a fire. Her long hair was thrown back and she was barefoot. The flames from the fire caused her face to shine with a warm glow. She danced with such freedom and abandon. I thought to myself, "WOW" how wonderful.. To live a life of such openness and freedom, never knowing from day to day where you would go and what you would do. How sweet to be such a free spirit. And what woman doesn't want a Gypsy Wagon of her own to decorate and have a special cozy secret place to call home? 

I would dance with sweet abandon


In these days when everything is so planned out, I think it would be so refreshing to sometimes throw caution to the wind and just live breath by breath.
Somehow, I think the Gypsies experience more of life and it’s fullness than most people. Being out close to nature tends to give one a different perspective about life. I now have a new found respect for Gypsy’s and think it would be so much fun to join them in their caravans of life; throwing caution to the wind and living in the moment. What do you think???!!!

The idea of a life of travel and constant movement seems so romantic and inspiring to me. My caravan would be colorful with lots of lights that would twinkle like little fairies at night. My nights would be spent dancing, inviting friends to my wagon, and quietly enjoying time in my hideaway... enjoying nature and listening to Gypsy music!!

I would wear lively, unique jewelry and broomstick skirts, with handmade vests, peassant blouses and bright boots. I would make stuffed cabbage and my teapot would be ready with Gypsy fruited tea, and eclectic china I would pick up along my travels. I would set the table with sweet Scottish shortbread cookies prepared for my guests. There would be lots of happy and uplifting music, and lively conversation… and of course much laughter and joy!

Care for some Zhena's Gypsy Tea?
Raspberry.. they come in many flavors

I will serve you in only my best china!

Midnight Fairy – What a delightful and unique set. I just love this winged fairy holding a green shiny stone. She is set with beautiful silver etched barrel beads and a sterling S clasp. Multi colored beads such as fire polished Czech, gold and plum lampwork, and glass, iridescent leaf, and mother of pearl to name a few in different shapes, colors and textures encircle her. The perfect set for Fall I think .. a Renaissance Festival for your magical Gypsy Caravan…or anytime! Matching earrings complete this set.. SOLD, but I can make something Similar

For me, I want to go back to that time when I was about five, and take my shoes off and dance before the fire in the moonlight!

I was lead singer in a band years ago, and played the tambourine.. I guess I was
getting ready for Gypsy moments without even knowing it!


I would hope all the Gypsy’s and the Gypsy wannabees would join me in my enchanted, magical life!

Bohemian Delight Necklace Set

ONE OF A KIND Bohemian Delight what an enchanting mixuture .. and the colors are dynamite and bright lime green, navy, gold with silver and lampwork and glass beads.... the brass focal is totally dynamic I think ... Drop earrings included SOLD

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    Your jewelry is gorgeous as well!

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    Your jewelry is enchanting.


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    frith and wishes
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